I’m passionate about ensuring the essence of your business is captured in your images.

I’m Jo, an international photographer, with over 17 years of experience. I have always been passionate about photography, since I picked up a camera aged 7 to capture a sunset. That passion has continued to grow.

I love building connections with all of my clients, with an uncanny knack for ‘seeing’ what it is they need, Capturing their vision and personality and creating a visual storyboard, tailored to showcase their unique brand.

I originally set up a studio in the south of England and have since moved our family to North Carolina in 2014 and we are loving life here, I especially love exploring up in the Blue Ridge  Mountains. Now I use my camera to empower entrepreneurs to grow their business with more confidence, through the creation of unique, on-brand story boards.

I’ve travelled A LOT, most notably, spending a month in Papua New Guinea traveling along the Sepik River in a dug out canoe. Traveling is in my blood and I will never tire of exploring new places and meeting new people, It truly feeds my soul, I even got married on safari in South Africa. An ex pat, wife and mum to 2 amazing teens, my family mean the world to me, especially when we are out exploring and having adventures.


Jo Ames


I’m committed to ensuring every project I take on has a unique feel.

Traveling the world with my camera has caused me to appreciate the uniqueness of each invidivual and inspired me to capture their essence as I moved through the world. When I design a photoshot with you, we’ll isolate what is most important to your business and capture those attributes in your images.

How I Work

I love this journey with you, from getting to know you, planning your shoot to the fun we have capturing your story.


Reach out for a no obligation chat about your business needs and the benefits of a brand shoot.


We can really start getting to know one another and chat about you and your brand during this call.


We start designing your tailored shoot through the use of my personally created workbook.


Relax,  while I guide you through your shoot,  creating a suite of on brand images.