If you are starting out or looking to rebrand these tips will help you to build a brand that is consistent and professional to all those ideal clients you are going to attract! 

Get Specific on Everything….

Your brand is about the Why, the What and the How. You need to get down to the nitty gritty and think about the following:-

  1. Your brand mission. 
  2.  Your values – think of words that describe how you want your clients to view you.
  3.  Your Why – Why do you do what you do? What drives you and gives you the passion to continue.
  4. What are you delivering to your ideal client? What does your ideal client look like and what do they need from you.
  5.  What benefits are you giving them?

Always remember, it’s good to specialize and create a niche for yourself, This will help position you as an expert in your filed. 

Visual Research

This part is fun, explore and visualise your brand ideas, Test out creative routes until you can whittle down your ideas to a single vision.

If you already have a color scheme that’s great, if not, try to work on what really appeals to you, then add in fonts, themes, your logo. A Pinterest or mood board often helps to pull ideas together.  Collect swatches of fabrics, colors, images that shout out to you.do whatever you need to create a visual of your vision.

When looking at the bigger picture, you will be well equipped from here to pull all of your ideas and visuals together. 

Be Consistent

Once you have nailed your brand identity, and you are happy with the overall feel, it is important to make sure that your brand presence, both on and offline, remains consistent. 

Maintain the same feeling, colors, key words and fonts etc.  If all of your in-person meetings, videos, live streams, social media posts remain consistent, you will soon see your brand being recognised. 

On social media, use the same Bio, graphics and photo to help your clients easily identify you.  Show up regularly and consistently both on social media, with emails and in person, this will keep you fresh in their minds/.

Attraction marketing

Create or share material that gives value to your clients, is interesting and useful. Find websites or newsletters that you can contribute to, this not only helps spread the word about your business but shows you as an expert in your field.

Regular posts on social media, articles on your website and brand imagery will also strengthen your brand. These don’t have to be long articles just small snippets of information will help build your brand presence. 

Repurpose your content, sharing it across different platforms, never be afraid to show your personality as people want to see the real you. 

Going live on social media will be seen by a larger audience.


Networking is crucial to growing your brand.  Research the best networking groups for your audience, and take time to get to know them.  Never aim to sell to someone, take time to build a relationship with them.  The more you connect with people in an authentic way, the more quickly they will recommend you to others.