Does your headshot SHOUT about YOU?

Headshots have evolved quite a bit recently, Think about headshots and many think about those staged, no personality shots that we have come to hate. It doesn’t have to be this way, with the right amount of thought, you can still stand out from the crowd and show people a little of who you really [...]

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How telling your story pulls people into your world

People buy into people You are not just selling a product or service, you are selling you and your unique brand. Always be true to yourself,  never attempt to be anything else, Authenticity is key to good storytelling, so always tell your story in your words. Telling your story helps build connections with your clients, [...]

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Color and why the colors you choose matter.

Lessons learnt Some time ago, while working with a business consultant, I was advised that if I wanted to draw attention to my European flare, I should have dusky pink and a mossy green as my colors.  I went along with this, even tho I could not identify with either of these colors. I couldn’t [...]

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Why Personal Branding images are vital for Entrepreneurs

Why Personal Branding images are vital for Entrepreneurs.   Are you happy in the knowledge that the images of yourself, that you are using in your business are a true representation of you?  When you look at your social media pages, do you see your brand and your vision leap from the pages? Is the [...]

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Stand out on Social Media with a strong Brand

6 seconds is all you may have to grab your potential client and hold onto them! 6 seconds and they will have flicked over to the next thing. Standing out has never been so important, but how do you do that? To ensure that your social media doesn’t damage your personal brand, here are a [...]

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