June – Coach


As a brand new business owner, having compelling photos and images that tell the story of who I am as a leader and what my business is all about is crucial. I was working with a brand strategist at the same time that I worked with Jo. Jo became an essential partner in building our business identity through her amazing photography. She helped me see and express my personal and professional brand in a very fun and compelling way. The photo shoots with her were a ton of fun; it was difficult for her to get a photo of me not smiling! She was creative, thoughtful, and broadened my thinking about what kinds of photos and images would serve me and my business. She also listened intently to what I wanted, what I didn’t want, and knew when to listen and when to challenge me because it was simply my fears getting in my way. She also delivered the images quickly after a shoot and made the entire process quite enjoyable. Jo has this innate way of finding your core strengths and helping you shine. I highly recommend Jo Ames Photography!

“Jo is a very friendly and warm person and very good at putting the (photography) subject at ease. I have got to know Jo through networking and my previous work, and have found her to be genuine, honest and an ambitious business woman. Jo produces high quality work and works with artistic flair. I would class Jo as both a friend and colleague and always like to see her when out networking.”

-Dawn G – entertainer and Event Organizer

“Jo provides a very professional, yet personal service. I found the photo session great fun and was very pleased with the photo’s she took.”  

– Jackie C, Head of Tax

“A highly talented photographer and a real inspiration to women in business…Jo is a photographer with a personality and makes you feel relaxed from the moment you meet her. I actually enjoyed the whole experience, she got some fab pictures, highly recommended.”    

-Kelly K , Talent Acquisition I Recruitment I Consultancy I In-House Recruitment I Career Coaching

Ellen – Writer, Photographer


Jo Ames is the photographer’s photographer. As a photographer myself, I am uncomfortable being the center of attention. Jo is able to feature her subjects in the best light (both literally and figuratively) and she does it with ease. I have had the opportunity to be photographed and the opportunity to assist with her photography. Her ability to illustrate what you do and how you do it is extraordinary. She can and does represent your brand in pictures. Pictures where you feel comfortable and you feel special. She listens to you and then helps you illustrate your story whether it’s personal or professional via carefully selected locations, props, and lighting. She knows the details down to color coordinating all aspects of her photographs including you. (And she includes you in her planning, so you will have just what you need for your blog, your website, and/or your professional headshot.)