Why Personal Branding images are vital for Entrepreneurs.


Are you happy in the knowledge that the images of yourself, that you are using in your business are a true representation of you?  When you look at your social media pages, do you see your brand and your vision leap from the pages? Is the first impression, connecting to your ideal clients and attracting them to your business?

If at this point you are shouting “yes”, and dancing up and down, then you may not need to read the rest of this article, if not, this will be helpful.

“A picture tells a thousand words”

With so many businesses vying for our attention it is easy to overlook something that may have been perfect for us, just because it didn’t look right or grab our attention.  So how do you prevent this from happening?

“Create a strong visual presence”

Personal branding is about influencing the way potential clients see you and view your products or service. It is crucial to show your ideal client who you are and what your brand is about, which is why the images you use can have such a big impact on your business. 

These are just a few times when an image that represents your brand will help you.

Always send an image out with a press release, use them throughout your web site to show your business story authentically, Social media campaigns need the right image to convey your ideas and stories, Use them when creating a bio for an event, Add an image to your email signature, and many more.


“What is personal branding photography”

It’s about showing up with confidence, showing off your passion, your dedication and love of what you do. It portrays the human side of your business.  But how?

In short, it is the creation of a set of on-brand, unique images that build your story and allow your clients to develop a feel for your business and your values, allowing them to begin to know, like and trust you. It is creating the perfect first impression.

It is a lifestyle shoot

Personal branding photography is more than a photo shoot, it is a lifestyle shoot, tailored to you, it will capture natural moments, candid interactions with clients and it will pull at our emotions. It will showcase your uniqueness and pulls your mission, brand values, colors all together into one unique brand vision.


It is your unique story.

Imagine building up a picture of what you and your business want to say to your ideal clients. A cohesive collection of images, that shout about your brand values and tell your story will empower you, allow you to make connections with more of your ideal client and give you a set of unique images for all of your on and off-line needs.  Freeing up time to focus on what is important to you is empowering, and story telling through brand photography takes our potential clients into the world of our story.